Are you creating conversions or are you creating confusion?


My Coaching Curriculum is designed for emerging online coaches who want to gain clarity on how to leverage their personal brand to convert their audience into leads and customers in a results-driven, 1:1 coaching setting.


You've been inspired by all the success stories about online business coaches who have built recognizable personal brands positioning them to attract their dream clients/customers, increase the number of qualified leads they get, and sell their products, programs and services in their sleep but... can't figure out how to do it for yourself.

You've taken webinars, you've watched live videos, you've scrolled social media and you've even joined Facebook groups. No matter where you go online, you just can't seem to get the direction you need to make this work for you the same way it's working for other online coaches.

You started your business because you want the same things that inspired you to do this in the first place.

You want the freedom to work where ever you want.

You want the flexibility to work when ever you want.

You want to make a significant impact on the lives of your clients.

AND you want to make money while you're doing it.


My services exist so I can help online coaches like you zero in on your audience and convert your followers into leads and paying customers by leveraging the power of your personal brand. From social media, to content strategy to video to monetization, I teach you the ins and outs of EVERY aspect of your personal brand so you can stop feeling like you're getting lost in the noise, and start standing out so you can sell more.

Learn how to brand yourself beyond a single touchpoint to convert your audience into sales...

- Ayana, Clarity Coach


If you've come across my online content you may have picked up on a consistent theme:


But you can't win if you feel overwhelmed by the massive amount of misinformation out there, leaving you so confused that you'd just rather not do anything than to try ANOTHER thing that doesn't work.

When I think about building a personal brand that converts, 2 specific online business strategies come to mind: CONTENT STRATEGY and LAUNCH STRATEGY.

These are the strategies that my 1:1 coaching process is centered around. These are the foundations of your personal brand and the anchors that cement the structure for you to create a profitable and sustainable personal brand in the marketplace.

Many entrepreneurs use the words personal branding and "kinda" know what it is, but few know how to TRULY leverage their personal brand to grow their business. 

Too often personal branding is minimized to how popular you are on social media or your reputation in a given industry, but it is much more than that.  

I have built my entire business leveraging my personal brand as my primary marketing and lead generation tool.  My personal brand is the single most valuable asset in my entrepreneurial portfolio. 

My philosophy around personal branding is rooted in Selfless Self-Promotion™ where the core of it is: my personal brand is NOT about me. 

Throughout my career my personal brand has helped me land corporate positions with no "formal" training, get promoted to various positions, secure 4 and 5 figure clients, grow my social media following, become an expert in my industry, and more. 

And guess what?  I want to teach you how to harness the power of your personal brand so that you can obtain your own levels of success!


My 1:1 Coaching Curriculum is specifically designed for emerging online coaches looking to launch a personal brand that ties to their business. As I only have bandwidth to work with a limited number of 1:1 clients each year, every member of my 1:1 coaching family goes through a meticulous screening and selection process. This process allows both you and I to ensure we're the best fit for each other. Throughout the screening and selection process, all candidates will be evaluated on their level of dedication, discipline, follow-through and commitment.

My programs and services are for action-takers and doers only. Real work is required in order to create real impact, real authority and real transformation in your personal brand.

If an invitation to become a 1:1 client is extended to you, you can expect in-depth teaching, training and curriculum showing you exactly what to do, private 1:1 coaching sessions giving you access to knowledge from an industry expert, and individualized action plans.


✓ Emerging online coaches who want to attract their ideal audience, increase the number of qualified leads into their business and sell more of their offer(s)

✓ Emerging online coaches committed to launching a recognizable, sustainable and profitable personal brand

✓ Emerging online coaches who truly care about their clients and the experience their clients get

✓ Emerging online coaches who want to understand how to align their personal brand strategy to their bottom line

✓ Emerging online coaches who are ready to take action and do what it takes to launch the brand they know they deserve

✓ Emerging online coaches who feel like they have all the pieces but aren't sure how to make them work together

✓ Emerging online coaches who have tried IT. ALL. but still haven't gained momentum

✓ Emerging online coaches who want real results and real accountability

✓ Emerging online coaches who don't know where to start but are ready to take their brand to the next level


X People who have zero interest in launching an online offer

X People who believe they're personal branding experts

X People who don't have time to put in the work it takes

X People looking for a shortcut or a get rich quick scheme

X People who are closed minded and not open to launching their offer, implementing new strategies, trying new concepts or accepting new ideas

X People who believe "it doesn't take all that..." to establish, grow and maintain a sustainable and profitable personal brand

X People who do not want to get uncomfortable, shift their beliefs and evolve

X People who are comfortable where they are and see no opportunity for growth

X People who make excuses as to why they can't take action

X People who want overnight results and believe they can get sustainable results in just a few weeks

X People who aren't interested in using social media and the Internet to launch their personal brand


12 Months Access To Coaching: The Process, The Accountability + The Curriculum 1:1 Coaching is designed to provide you and I the space to build and monetize your personal brand (or refine your existing personal brand). The 4-month timeframe is deliberate and intentional. This amount of time gives me the opportunity to teach you how to enhance your personal brand, execute your strategy, and leverage data so you can effectively convert your audience from being passive consumers of your content into leads and paying customers.

50+ Hours Of Private 1:1 Personal Brand Strategy Calls My process is intentionally designed to support you in the areas of your personal brand where you need help the most. I will provide expert advice, guidance and direction on your individual personal branding needs. Our time together will ensure you are getting the accountability and strategic consultation you need to enhance your marketing efforts so that you achieve optimum personal brand results.

✓ 9+ Hours Of Supplemental Video Training & Tutorials To maximize our private time together, our strategy calls will be very focused. There just simply isn't enough time for in-depth "how-to" discussion. You want to know how to post content on social media on auto-pilot? Learn why you should create lead magnets? Understand how to use Instagram's latest feature? You will have access to on-demand video training to fill in any gaps that might exist in activating and monetizing your personal brand.

6 Hours Operations & Systems Review As you begin to take steps toward activating your personal brand I will review and audit your social media profiles, associated websites, videos, sales pages, social media posts and other aspects of your business that impact your personal brand.

Templates, Guides, Spreadsheets & Workbooks Building a personal brand is a very technical process that has a lot of moving parts. To help take the guess-work out of what you need to do, how and when, you will be given the exact layout for what you need.

Plus personalized accountability, individualized action plans, an in-depth personality assessment and unlimited private message/email coaching!

Get from point A to point B with a step-by-step process...

- Tiffany, Conditioning Coach


X NO MORE spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to take what you know and make money from it

X NO MORE feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm about what you need to do to start attracting your audience

X NO MORE second-guessing your strengths and allowing "imposter syndrome" keep you from walking out your purpose

X NO MORE blending in with the masses and finally showing up as your true and authentic self

X NO MORE confusion about who you are, what you bring to the table and who you are meant to serve

X NO MORE stress about what to say to your audience to get them to listen

X NO MORE high pressure sales tactics to get your audience to buy what you're selling

Instead gain MORE confidence, MORE clarity and MORE fulfillment by following a personalized plan that was created just for you.


Create online content tailored for your audience on multiple platforms

Leverage content marketing to successfully implement a 4-5 figure launch

Implement automated sales funnels so your personal brand will convert, even when you're not actively working

Attract qualified leads who are more invested in buying your offer

Gain clarity on how to activate your personal brand and how to monetize it

Know your strengths (and weaknesses) and how to leverage them to differentiate yourself from everyone else in your niche

Convert your audience into leads and sales

Know how to position yourself to be found by your audience and become the expert they seek

Take the guess work out of content planning, because I will teach you how to develop a personalized content strategy

Understand what to offer your audience and provide it in a way that is convenient for them and equips you to generate sales

Gain comprehension on how to make data-driven decision to maintain and grow your personal brand

Know the exact processes to finally get active on social media on a consistent and frequent basis

Tap into the power of content marketing to grow your audience, your business and your brand

Stop stressing over what kind of content to post, because I'll show you what types of content will resonate most with your audience whether it's their first interaction with you or they've been following you for years

Make deep, meaningful connections with your audience, allowing them to know, like and trust you are a dependable, reliable and consistent expert


It’s all so easy in theory. But in practice 😩😩😩

The truth is, if online coaching was easy everyone would be DOING IT (instead of “trying” to do it)

Am I right?

The biggest mistake I see online coaches, consultants, leaders & experts making is the lack of REAL investment in their personal brand.

Many of them have a lot of the foundational pieces in place:

A social media presence, a website, a logo...

But there is no evidence of them going deeper.

There is no evidence of them connecting all the pieces they might already have to launch a personal brand that not only makes them feel good about themselves, but also supports the growth of their business also.

Growing comfortable and confident with putting yourself out there is just the beginning of building a strong personal brand online. A strong personal brand is built through deliberate, intentional and strategic actions you take every day, not by updating your social media bio for the 10,000th time!

At its core, your personal brand is the relationship you have with your target audience. And successful, healthy relationships take work, they take action and they take DEPTH.

The relationship you build with your audience is what compels them to invest in your products, programs and services–whether you're selling a $7 product or a $70,000 program–NOT flooding your timeline with your offer, high pressure sales tactics, pseudo scarcity and countdown timers that reset themselves after 30 days 🥴

Think about it...what does every successful online coach have in common?

The all have strong personal brands.

Personal brands that attract their audience.

Personal brands that generate leads for their business.

Personal brands that create an optimal environment for them to sell their stuff...

Personal brands that CONVERT.

The good news is you can build a personal brand that converts, too.

You don’t have to stay stuck.

You don't have to keep trying to force the pieces you have together.

You don't have to stay in a place of frustration from watching others you know aren't offering HALF as much as you are grow an audience and rack in sales...

You don't have to figure this out alone.

If you’re ready to go deeper with your personal brand and learn from an expert who has been where you are, knows how you feel and one who has helped dozens of entrepreneurs like you, apply for 1:1 personal brand coaching.

If selected, we'll work closely together to execute my proven frameworks and methodologies to help you leverage content marketing to successfully convert your audience into leads and customers and implement a 4-5 figure launch to get you unstuck.

Let's go!


Who is the BEST fit for 1:1 Coaching?
There are three types of entrepreneurs who benefit the most from working 1:1 with me.

1. You’re JUST getting started in your business and you’re REALLY struggling to get targeted leads. You’re terrified of being sales-y and are starting to question if anyone even wants what you’re selling. (Of course they do! You just haven’t learned a non-salesy way to do it.)

2. You've been running your business for a few years and have had great successes, plus learned a few things along the way.  You're comfortable with what it is you do, who your audience is and your skillset.  You've dabbled in online personal brand strategies but haven't quite unlocked the full potential of your own brand.

3. You're not new to this, you're true to this 🛎   You know exactly who your avatar is, you know exactly what problem you solve in the marketplace and you know exactly what you bring to the table.  You've helped your clients achieve amazing results, your business is thriving but you know if you don't start investing in your online personal brand your position in the market might slip.

If you fit one of the profiles above, then 1:1 coaching with me is perfect for you!

What happens if I fall behind?

My process is designed to give you plenty of time, space and opportunity to complete every phase of the program.  I am your accountability partner. If you show up and do the work, I will ensure you stay on track to hit every goal you set forth for yourself.

Will I get access to Nik?
YES. That's what this is all about!

Does this require me to buy ads?
No. If Facebook ads are an existing part of your marketing strategy that’s fine. HOWEVER, my system will show you how to build your network and attract targeted leads WITHOUT relying on Facebook ads.

How much time will it take for me to complete the curriculum and see results?
Each week you’ll spend between 3-5 hours learning and implementing the program. As for how quickly you get results, that’s entirely up to you. I’ve had clients get results during the first month of implementing my strategies!

I can’t guarantee how long it will take you because it’s up to you to complete the program and implement what you learn.

Can’t I just figure this out on my own?
Not if you want results quickly. Consider 1:1 coaching your Fast Track Pass. Each day you postpone applying for 1:1 coaching is another missed opportunity.

How many opportunities have you missed out on so far?

Coaching with me will work for you as it’s already worked for others just like you.

What if this doesn't work for me?
I get it. Making an investment like this can seem like a risk. Working with me isn't what many would consider "cheap." But, just like anything else in life, you get out what you put in. If you show up and do the work as outlined by my proven processes, frameworks and methodologies, it WILL work for you.

By then end of our time together, you WILL leverage content marketing to successfully convert your audience into leads and customers and implement a 4-5 figure launch. If this does not happen by the end of your term, and you've followed my proven systems, methodologies and frameworks, I will continue to work with you until it does at no additional cost to you.

Got more questions? Send me a DM on Instagram @inikscott


STEP 1: Click here to submit your application for 1:1 Personal Brand Coaching.

STEP 2: If your application is accepted, you will be notified via email and/or text message to schedule a 45-minute suitability call with me.

STEP 3: If during our 45-minute conversation we both mutually agree 1:1 coaching with me is the best next move for you and your business, we will get to work right away!

Learn to be in multiple places at the same time while sharing your message and connecting with your audience...

- Cymphony, Self-care Coach

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