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Increase conversions.

Strengthen your brand.

Expert advice and in-depth content strategies for your personal brand.





Growing your personal brand hasn't been easy.

You've tried to do what other business coaches are telling you to do:

Write a "better" bio

Put polls and stickers in your Instagram stories

Ask questions in your captions

Create content pillars

Publish Reels

But NOTHING seems to be working for you.

X You're not seeing an increase in followers

X If you are seeing follower growth, no one is getting your freebie or buying your offer

X And worse yet, you find yourself being enthusiastic about posting on social media for about two weeks and then you feel burnt out and at a loss for what to post so you "take a break." (Because this is all to stressful and it shouldn't be this hard, and...well...self care 🧘‍♀️)

You feel like your content is being drowned out in all the noise.

You know social media is important to the growth and sustainability of your brand but you just don't have the time to try to figure all this out...

Can you relate to any of this?


Building a personal brand that converts requires you to commit to 3 things:

1. Implementing a system for your content

2. Creating consistency through your content

3. Developing frequency with your content

How your audience sees your content on social media (better yet) how they REACT to what you're posting is directly linked to all three of these variables.

Half-baked social media efforts with subpar strategy will not create an optimal environment for you to deepen the relationship you've initiated with your audience, let alone compel them to want to sign up for your freebie or buy what you're selling.

Strengthening your personal brand and ensuring it is aligned with the content you're posting online is imperative if you want to convert your audience from being passive consumers of your social media feed into qualified leads and paying customers.

In this 7-part mini-course we will be working through how to create synchronicity between your personal brand, your content and your audience. These are the ingredients to a fully-baked personal brand that converts.

💥 Take the guess work out of content planning, because I'll be giving you my exact content strategy

💥 Stop stressing over what kind of content to post, because I'll be teaching you what types of content will resonate most with your audience whether it's their first interaction with you or they've been following you for years

💥 Give yourself the gift of time, because I'm going to show you how to make one single piece of content work for you

This is a WORKshop. This means you will be doing some real work. The goal is for you to leave with a solid process that you can implement in order to attract your ideal audience and convert them into leads with the content you produce.

If you can relate to any of what was described above, you know you need this. The investment of $47 is nothing compared to the amount of time (and heartache) this workshop will save you if you show up, follow the process and do the work.


You're not sure how to get started branding yourself online

You've been active on social media for some time but can't get your audience to convert

You can't seem to get active (and STAY active) on social media

You want a foolproof content plan you can copy and paste (with minor adjustment) into your own business

You want content resolutions you can actually keep


X You have no social media presence

X You don't "have time" to post on social media

X You aren't sure what your niche is or what area of expertise you want to be known for

X You want to remain anonymous and neutral online

X You believe trial and error is the best way to develop, grow and maintain your personal brand