Why Public Speaking Matters To Your Business...

Public speaking can quickly change your personal brand, your business and your life.

Most people spend a majority of their time concentrating on the wrong things…

And time is limited.

Public speaking provides you with the FREEDOM in your personal brand to create a brand that you love while growing an engaged and excited community.

Imagine being the go-to expert in your niche…

And the best part is, you’re getting paid WHILE you share about the things you're passionate about.

Imagine building a sustainable brand, and getting paid while you’re doing it.

Building a public speaking business is the key to creating a personal brand on YOUR terms…

The best part is...

ANYONE Can Build A Public Speaking Business

There are no special skills or experience required to get started

You don’t need to spend a bunch of money

You can start making money with your first booked gig

You can scale things up to a very nice secondary income within just a few short months…

So, if building a personal brand is so simple, why isn’t everyone doing it?

To Successfully Build A PROFITABLE Personal Brand, The Details Are Very Important...

Details like...

Finding the right market to focus on

Choosing the presentation methods that are best for you

Getting your business up and running the right way

Getting paid quickly

How to leverage the stage to increase your email list, social media following and sales

Although the process for getting started and seeing results is pretty straightforward…

Most People That Try To Grow Their Personal Brand Fail...

Why is that?

It’s because, there is a PROVEN, step-by-step system to get results quickly.

You could almost say there is a science to building your personal brand.

But, most people get it all wrong when it comes to getting started and seeing success building their brand.

It’s not because it’s all that hard, but because most people just try to “wing it” and just figure it all out on their own.

Plus, a lot of the information you will find out there that’s freely available just isn't accurate.

When You Do Things The Right Way, You'll Get Results Like This...

Do Things Wrong And This Is What You'll See...

The year was 2014.  I was overworked.  Underpaid.  I dreamt about how to grow my business and elevate my level of influence.  

Over the years I’ve become an expert at building impactful personal brands the right way.

To make it easy for you to get started, I’ve created the ultimate step-by-step system to building a life-changing personal brand quickly...


Learn the must-have strategy to build your audience, attract qualified leads and get premium pricing!

For coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants and leaders who want to leverage their personal brand to grow their business.

FABB Public Speaking Is An All-In-One System Where You'll Learn:

  • How to find a niche that separates you from your competitors
  • How to deliver a presentation that will leave your audience inspired, fired up and motivated to take action
  • How to brand yourself as a speaker
  • How to communicate your value to event organizers and prospective clients
  • How to know exactly what to charge for your services
  • How to use public speaking to grow your business
  • How to increase your social media following with public speaking
  • How public speaking will grow your personal brand
  • How to narrow your niche and clarify your mission statement
  • How to define your objectives and develop a framework for your topic
  • How to write your speaker bio
  • How to build your speaker website
  • How to target clients to pitch
  • How to develop a money mindset to get paid

Plus a whole lot more...



Just because you've sat on a few panels and lead a few workshops doesn't mean you're growing your brand,

increasing sales or building a tribe of engaged followers. And "trying to figure it out" on your own is NOT a strategy.


My clients have found their niche, successfully built their personal brand and

have gained increased engagement from their target audiences.




They signed up because they TRIED to figure it out one their own and they FAILED.  

They suffered through months, or even years of anxiety and missed opportunities because 

they didn't have a step-by-step system to follow.


The way I see it you only have two choices:

Choice #1  Keep wasting time and money trying to "figure it out" on your own. 

Choice #2  Take six short weeks to implement the exact steps that have worked for me and many others and watch the direction of your business transform.

FABB Public Speaking is the most complete, step-by-step system to quickly build your speaking business…If you’re looking to do it the right way, this is the program for you...

But, don’t just take my word for it…

Here's What People Are Saying About FABB Public Speaking...

"This Sounds Great...How Much For Instant Access?"

Most people that try to build their personal brand find themselves wasting time and spinning their wheels...

That’s because they try to do it all on their own or follow bad advice that they found for free online...

This system will prevent that from happening… When you invest in FABB Public Speaking today, you get…

A PROVEN system for success that anyone can follow to start growing their brand FAST!

When you consider that you get a TOTAL, A-Z blueprint for building a life-changing personal brand...

…it would be very easy to put a price tag of $14,970 (or more) on this program...

But, when you join today, you won’t pay $14,970 (or more).

In fact, you won’t even have to invest the normal, everyday price of $2,994.

Today, you can get in at the highly-discounted, one-time investment of just...

Choose your payment option below and instantly begin your 6-week transformation!


best value

  • Instant access to program material
  • Immediately unlock more than $3,500 in bonuses
  • Access LIVE group coaching every week
  • 24/7 access to the member-only community
  • Save 20% when you pay in full


one-time payment of $1,497



most flexible

  • Instant access to program material
  • Immediately unlock more than $3,500 in bonuses
  • Access LIVE group coaching every week
  • 24/7 access to the member-only community


$299 due today followed by 5 monthly payments of $299

Whatever you do… don’t wait! If you come back later, the price may be higher, and I can’t guarantee how long the doors to this will be open.

The good news is, there’s no reason to wait, because I’m about to make this even better...

When You Take Action Today, You’ll Also Get These Bonuses…

SELL From The Stage Value: $1,750

A 60-minute on-demand course that teaches you how to SELL from the stage to increase your revenue, grow your email list and accelerate your social media following.


Instagram Secrets  Value: $750

A 60-minute on-demand course where you will learn the 3 secrets to unlock the power of Instagram and start attracting your target follower to build an excited and engaged community on the Internet's most popular social media site


Turbocharge Your Social Media Profiles  Value: $400

A 60-minute on-demand course that teaches you how to grow your social media following and engagement


Personal Branding Blueprint Value: $300

A step-by-step blueprint to guide you through the process of establishing, growing and maintaining a personal brand that helps you STAND out in your industry


How To Write Killer Session Descriptions Value: $200

A handy checklist to ensure your session descriptions are appetizing so that audience members choose your  performance over anyone else's


How To Conquer The Fear Of Speaking Value: $50

You've heard it before.  Public speaking is the #1 fear for most people.  But it doesn't have to be!  In this digestible PDF you  will learn the most successful strategies to help you overcome your fear of speaking


9 Characteristics Of Highly Effective Speakers Value: $50

Face it.  If you made it this far, you want to be a speaker.  But not just any speaker, you want to be an EFFECTIVE speaker.

In this checklist you will discover nine strategies to help you leave your audience motivated to take action





But please…don’t wait, because I’m about to make this even easier...

Take The Next 14 Days To Try FABB On Our Dime

I don’t want anything to hold you back from getting a proven system to build a profitable personal brand.

That’s why you’re getting the opportunity to get started with zero risk.

Our programs consistently attract the BEST clients because we have a strict

DO THE WORK return policy in place.   

We are confident if you join the program and do the work you WILL get results. 

So, if you want to join just to look around, don't even bother. 

This program is ONLY for those committed to putting forth their best effort.

Public speaking isn't just another thing you need to do.

It is THE thing you need to do.

Look, I know a lot of online marketers are yelling in your face about the power of email, podcasting, blogging and Instagram. 

But guess what? 

When it comes time for those online marketers to actually grow their business, what do they do?

 They start public speaking!!!

FABB Public Speaking is a hybrid group coaching program that teaches you the specific steps to build your audience, attract targeted leads and get premium pricing using the FABB Framework™.


FABB Public Speaking is a 6-week accelerator that teaches you exactly how to use the power of your voice and grow your brand and your business.

 Even if you have a small social media following

 Even if you don't have a big email list

 Even if you've struggled to figure this thing out

 Even if you've been told a million times that your business idea will never work

 Even if you've never landed one speaking gig 


 Public speaking is the launchpad for



FABB Public Speaking is created for coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and leaders who what to establish their credibility, amplify their expertise and increase awareness for their business.


Our clients include: 

Health and Wellness Experts

Success Coaches

Business Consultants

Travel Influencers

Life Coaches

Former Athletes

Marketing Strategists


Relationship Experts


Marriage Counselors

and more!


If you're still not sure if FABB Public Speaking is for you, shoot me an email at with your question.




But more importantly you'll be running a business that feels good.


Here's what a feel good business looks like:

Feeling connected to your audience

Building a tribe of engaged followers 

A deep sense of calm because you're inspiring others with your journey

FABB Public Speaking is a proven system that has allowed me and my clients to contribute REAL value to our communities, earn their trust and increase sales for our businesses.

Here's what you'll get inside of FABB Public Speaking:

In just six weeks you can have everything you need to position yourself to become a magnet for opportunities.

Listen, I spent years trying to figure out how to advance my career and I was clueless to how valuable by personal brand was.

At the time I was working as a social media coordinator and spent 40+ hours a week growing the audience for my 

company and I spent ZERO time investing in my own audience.


I grew weary of the stagnation I was experiencing in my position.  I was tired of not having the time to put into my own business.

Up until this point I relied solely on traditional methods and hoped that someday "the powers that be" would see

my value and compensate me for my worth.


Then one day I realized something....


The most influential people in business ALL have strong personal brands. 

And I wanted a strong personal brand, too.


I wanted to use my talents, skills, knowledge and abilities to inspire people the same way so many

successful business owners were doing.


So, I started to promote myself, SELFLESSLY.


This experience taught me two things: 

1.  Your voice is the most effective way to grow your personal brand 

2.  When you become a speaker, you become a magnet for opportunities


Choose your payment option below and instantly begin your 6-week transformation!


best value

  • Instant access to program material
  • Immediately unlock more than $3,500 in bonuses
  • Access LIVE group coaching every week
  • 24/7 access to the member-only community
  • Save 20% when you pay in full


one-time payment of $1,497


most flexible

  • Instant access to program material
  • Immediately unlock more than $3,500 in bonuses
  • Access LIVE group coaching every week
  • 24/7 access to the member-only community


$299 due today followed by 5 monthly payments of $299

Listen.  I'm a busy wife, mother and entrepreneur.   I don't have time to run around trying everything

under the sun to accelerate my personal brand—pitching myself to every podcast or building

never-ending sales funnels that won't generate more than $10. 


That's a WASTE of time!


My first year in business I made a total of $500 in annual revenue.  You read that right.  $500.  


I was so caught up in trying to "figure it out" on my own that I didn't even realize how much money (and time) 

I was throwing down the drain.


After that, I decided that I was going to take matters into my own hands and create a NEW

method of growing your personal brand.  A method that actually WORKS.  A method that is filled with

connection and ease...


I created FABB Public Speaking because I'm tired of seeing women entrepreneurs get passed up for opportunities 

they are qualified for and deserve.  


This isn't just a program about public speaking.  This is a comprehensive framework that will transform your

personal brand so that you can build your audience, attract targeted leads and get premium pricing.  


I have seen the powerful transformation my clients have had from following the system laid out in

FABB Public Speaking.  And guess what?


You're next!




Q:  How long will I have access to the program?

A:  You will have access to FABB Public Speaking for the lifetime of the program.  This includes any updates, revisions and new versions.

Q:  What if I can't make it to the weekly group coaching?

A:  We understand that life happens!  Every group coaching session will be recorded and stored in the Group Coaching Archive.  If you miss one of the sessions, you can easily access it in the archive.


Q:  How long will it take me to complete the program?

A:  FABB Public Speaking is broken down into 6 modules with the intention that you will complete one module per week for 6 weeks.  However, we understand that life happens!  You will have access to FABB Public speaking for the lifetime of the program and can take all the time you need to finish. 

On the flip side, it's important to note that FABB Public Speaking is NOT a get rich quick scheme.  It takes time to build a speaking business.  Sure, you can breeze right through the video lessons and skim over the PDF documents, but if you want results, you have to be engaged and IMPLEMENT what you're learning.


Q:  What is your return policy?

A:  FABB Public Speaking is for ACTION TAKERS.  If you TAKE ACTION and do the work and still aren't satisfied, that is my fault and I will make it right.  However, if you join and just dabble in the program, that's on YOU.  You can read the full refund policy here.


Q:  Can't I just figure this out on my own?

A:  The short answer is no.

The more in-depth answer is, can you figure how start a speaking business?  Sure.  But FABB Public Speaking gives you EVERYTHING you need to so that you can start getting booked AND paid to speak.  Speaking gigs just don't happen on their own.  You need a proven system that you can implement again and again because you're building a sustainable personal brand.


Q:  Will I have access to the full program when I join?

A:  FABB Public Speaking is a step-by-step program where each future module builds on the last.  Upon joining you will have immediate access to the member-only community, archived coaching calls, all of the bonuses and new member orientation.  You will be granted access to the first module within 24 hours of joining.  This gives you time to complete the action items outlined during orientation.  

Each module will be available to you every week for the next six weeks.


Q:  When will this program be offered again?

A:  You cannot go to my website and purchase FABB Public Speaking.  Enrollment is open for just a few days.  I don't want you to miss out, so sign up NOW!

Upon joining you will have access to:

Video lessons
Downloadable workbooks and worksheets
Links to resources
$3,500 in bonuses
LIVE group coaching every week
24/7 Access to the members-only community


Click the button below to join us in FABB

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