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Hey there! My name is Nik Scott and I help women coaches and consultants build their audience, attract qualified leads/customers and get premium pricing for their products and services.

Many entrepreneurs use the word personal branding and "kinda" know what it is, but few know how to TRULY leverage their personal brand to grow their business. 

Too often personal branding is minimized to how popular you are on social media or your reputation in a given industry, but it is much more than that.  

I have built my entire business leveraging my personal brand as my primary marketing and lead generation tool.  My personal brand is the single most valuable asset in my entrepreneurial portfolio. 

My philosophy around personal branding is rooted in Selfless Self-Promotion™ where the core of it is: my personal brand is NOT about me. 

Throughout my career my personal brand has helped me land corporate positions with no "formal" training, get promoted to various positions, secure 4 and 5 figure clients, grow my social media following, become an expert in my industry, and more. 

And guess what? I want to teach you how to harness the power of your personal brand so that you can obtain your own levels of success!

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